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May 31, 2010

Getting it Move

That’s a saying in Chinese. “Mister Simple moves the mountain” 愚公移山.  In western way you may say “there is a will there is a way” or “nothing is impossible with a willing heart”.

Now it’s my turn to get everything move forwards. MBA application is a tough job and in fact it took me more than one year already. Usually you need time to make up your mind and then there is a painful journey to finish your GMAT and TOEFL exam.  According to two of my friends, preparing the exam with full-time job almost kills them. Anyway i have passed that period even though I’m planing to retake my TOEFL to get a higher score. Then what’s next? To write the essays, which in fact is the most important part of the application and the key factor to get admitted to the school.  Different schools ask various questions and you can’t just simply copy and paste. Also the essays are needed to draft again and again until almost the last-minute of the deadline to submit.  Luckily later on you may have a few interviews among all the schools you apply. Congratulations.  In most case you actually have one feet step into the school. Now you need to search the interview tips of the particular school from internet or from current MBA students. But the advice is be well prepared and be yourself.  After that, the only thing you can do is to wait for the final result, either congratulation letter or rejection letter.

Now I’m running to essays from one school to another. Research of the school is very critical and the essay must show your enthusiasm of the school and how you fit to the program. In the coming month, i will update what i find out about different programs and their characteristics.

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May 24, 2010

To be the champion

I gave advice to my friends and tried to encourage them to do better. I quoted in previous post what Mr.Luqi said  “make yourself uncomfortable”. A few days later, I started to realized that I myself is living in my comfort zone and want to take a comfortable MBA and minimize my tuition investment. But actually the most value asset of the whole investment isn’t the tuition but the 2 years time with salary waiving.

Athletes are fighting hard to be the No.1, for the Gold medal and the title of Champion. And the 2nd ranked player or team can’t be recorded in history nor be remembered by people. The same principle applies to MBA. It’s all about the brand name and the network after all and then comes to the skills you attain.

Now it’s time for me to leave my comfort zone and fight hard for the top MBA. It’s time to make a change that will impact my whole life. That change is admission to top MBA and i won’t feel regreted for hardship that i have to endure.

For the next month, I’ll spend almost my spare time on sharpen my toefl exam skills and try to get the score above 110, which is the average toefl score among top 10 MBAs. Therefore I’ll not update my blog so regularly but will inform my progress and my practice of essay writing time to time.

With tremendous efforts and good preparation, I won’t fail myself this time. Now Let me become the Spartan warrior and flight until enemy die.

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May 23, 2010

Joys, Tears and Champion



恰恰也是今天,我新的征程也开始了。距离2011年MBA第一轮申请也就有4个月的时间,而Essays是重中之重。今天完成了读MBA最关键的一篇essay的初稿,回答了why MBA和short term/long term的问题,对自己重新确立目标。我会尽全力冲击前20的美国学校,不给自己留有遗憾。到了年底出结果的时候,我将会成为自我的champion,分享成功的喜悦和泪水。


May 20, 2010

Manage your time in a SMART way(1)

Time is very critical resource. ” One cannot rent, hire, buy, or otherwise obtain more time”[Peter Drucker]

To manage time smartly is an important skill and it needs great efforts to train to attain the skill. According to Drucker, no one can actually avoid of wasting of time. What we can do is to record how we use up our time and try to manage and consolidate the time.

I have been trying to learn how to smartly manage my time, but until now i don’t see myself as an effective person. I am easy to be interrupted, lack of discipline to act according to my plan and definitely need to attain more knowledge about time management.

I’ll try to explore some methods proposed by different persons and come out something which is doable for me.

To be continue

May 18, 2010

Confucius said (4)

the topic about Reciprocity is complex and its full elabration requirs comprehensive knowledge. It’s very insufficient for me to address it with my limited knowledge of philosophy, history, economics and psychology. However it won’t prevent me from trying to achieve “reciprocity” through my own practice. And maybe in fact achieving reciprocity isn’t difficult at all because life is simle as long as you want it to be simple.

1. accept “reciprocity” as a principal to guide my daily behavior and interaction with others.
2. develop tactics to put it into action. Following steps are what i’m considering to help me to wear the hat of “reciprocity”. The goal is to enfore me to be more willing to help others.
I. Smile and show my respect(listen) when people approach/talk to myself. Key word: smile and listen
II. Promise to do one thing everyday for others without consideration of my own interests. Key word: one day one favor.
III. Review daily in the evening. Key word: review.

to sum up: always smile, be a good listener, one favor one day and daily reviw.

Remember the post i introduced before about happiness. Your positive relationship with others around you makes you happier. Always smiling makes you happier. I believe following above 3 steps will reinforce my relationship with others and make myself more happier.

Furthermore, i highly recommend to read the book “the 7 habits of highly effective people” written by Stephen R.Covey. Don’t get blind by its name. It is more about effectiveness. It really can change your outlook to life. I have read the book in chinese and i’m reading the english version. In my previous company and current company, a study of this book is necessary in the orientation trainning and it comes with an exam as well. 🙂

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