How to get a job in Venture Capital

Here is what i found out about the ways of getting a job in venture capital. VC is an industry that a lot of talents are chasing while only a handful can achieve.  There are four paths that may accomplish it.

1. Attend a top-tier business school, namely H/S/W. Their MBA graduate make up of 50% of who are lucky to get into VC as a flesh MBA. Attending a non top-10 business school may actually lower your chance vs. not going at all.

2. Work for a Start-up.  Should be quite simple to understand since VC deals with start-ups and your experience in start-up and chances to network with VC will definitely help you.

3. Start your own business.  I hope the business will go well to attract the attention of VC. Once your company is sold or IPO, you have enough cash to become one of the VC.

4. Take a job which may offer you a higher change. They are the jobs in investment banks, top-tier consulting firms.  Your blackground in above companies shows that you’re smart and can work very hard.  Also you seems to master comprehensive business knowledge and practices, which is well prepared for a job in VC.

Check the original article.
How to get a job in VC!

Another Thought

How about this way to get into the game? To become a business school professor who study entrepreneurship and actively work with students/peers in technology incubation centre at university. Is this duable?

Besides, it’s better to start to build your reputation on the web since VC is keen to invest in the companies of IT/Internet/Telecom. So you get to show your passion and enthusiasm in this web 2.0 world.


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