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May 3, 2010

Brand name

Today i chatted with one client who did his MBA 10 years ago. His idea about MBA is that in fact MBA is a brand name of you. It’s like a stamp on you or even joke a little bit “you are make in ?”.  Futher, I talked about my plan and he gave me some advices.  But things has changed quite a lot in 10 years.

He mentioned i’m working in a rising company which is getting brand name. In fact I didn’t realize that strongly. Yes, it’s true that  my current employer is the most respectful high-tech company in China and has most successful records in globalization of its business.  But how about the employees’ satisfaction? How about career prospective? So i start to question about how to evaluate the brand name. What’s the most valuable brand in the world? How would my current company compare to these well-known companies?

I’ll spend some time on this topic and hope to get more to share in a few days.

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