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May 11, 2010

Confucious Said (1)

Google “Confucious”, you can find tons of information. I always prefer to take a look at the wikipedia first.  You can easily get familiar with his background and his whole life.  Confucious is widely known history figure in China or even the world. So what make him so famous, a person lived 2ooo years ago? I guess it’s his wisdoms, which is reflected by what he said or what current people “quote”.

I studies “analects of confucious” since i was a kid. But at that time what i knew about study is to memerize rather than to understand. So very few left once i forgot after the exam.  Now if you ask me to remember ten quotes of “Confucious Said”, i’m unlikely able to. So it’s also good for me to review what i learned as a kid and maybe after another 20 years life experience, i’ll have new understanding of these old knowledge.

I’m think of listing the most ten quotes and analyse them with my personal understanding. Feel free to comment.

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