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May 18, 2010

Confucius said (4)

the topic about Reciprocity is complex and its full elabration requirs comprehensive knowledge. It’s very insufficient for me to address it with my limited knowledge of philosophy, history, economics and psychology. However it won’t prevent me from trying to achieve “reciprocity” through my own practice. And maybe in fact achieving reciprocity isn’t difficult at all because life is simle as long as you want it to be simple.

1. accept “reciprocity” as a principal to guide my daily behavior and interaction with others.
2. develop tactics to put it into action. Following steps are what i’m considering to help me to wear the hat of “reciprocity”. The goal is to enfore me to be more willing to help others.
I. Smile and show my respect(listen) when people approach/talk to myself. Key word: smile and listen
II. Promise to do one thing everyday for others without consideration of my own interests. Key word: one day one favor.
III. Review daily in the evening. Key word: review.

to sum up: always smile, be a good listener, one favor one day and daily reviw.

Remember the post i introduced before about happiness. Your positive relationship with others around you makes you happier. Always smiling makes you happier. I believe following above 3 steps will reinforce my relationship with others and make myself more happier.

Furthermore, i highly recommend to read the book “the 7 habits of highly effective people” written by Stephen R.Covey. Don’t get blind by its name. It is more about effectiveness. It really can change your outlook to life. I have read the book in chinese and i’m reading the english version. In my previous company and current company, a study of this book is necessary in the orientation trainning and it comes with an exam as well. 🙂

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