Is Enterpreneurship for everyone

I’ve put being an entrepreneur as my long-term goal in my essays to MBA. In fact I’m very seriously about it. However to be a successful entrepreneur, I believe I need to develop a few key personalities, which are learned and concluded by my own experience and observation.

1. be open-minded. You need be very sensitive about opportunities around. Therefore you need to open-minded, be willing to talk to any persons and eager to learn through their experiences.  Don’t take yourself too serious, be humble and admit that everyone you encounter have the wisdom and experience you don’t have and may bring opportunities to you.

2. be a good team player and learn to develop leadership. Every entrepreneur starts from scratch and being a good team player is essential to intrigue other’s interest to work with you. Furthermore, develope the leadership skill as soon as possible.  You’re supposed to lead the team and drive the growth. You introduce the vision and of course you need to pursue others to believe in it even though your goal some time sounds crazy.

3. Develop your interest and hobby.  Most successful entrepreneurs find their interest at early stage of their life. If you don’t have and just hope to make money out of your entrepreneurial activities, you may not go too far on this path.

I don’t think i am a perfect person to be an entrepreneur or not even close.  But what drives me is the curiosity. I want to know what’s the entrepreneur experience? I want to test my ability and see how far i can reach.  The more experience i gain, the better i learn more about myself.

On the other hand, just curiosity isn’t enough. Persistency plays key role while running the business. The most risky things that an entrepreneur may encounter is not knowing how to balance curiosity and persistency(Same applys to every person). They change subjects from times to time because of curiosity. While in fact only persistency and great effort will lead to the day when people see the brilliant result.  Well, according to this theory, I may lose points to my goal. However i have built the awareness and what i have to do is to grow myself.

Finally, you’re not alone. You have a team and you need to count on them.  Your team member could be your schoolmate, your colleagues and clients or even any persons you encountered during your life and developed the relationship.

Next Topic.  To do what? Come up your business plan.

I can’t see why should anyone who with chinese background leave the country and want to set up their own business oversea. Leaving 1.5 billion people market behind is stupid decision. However to gain oversea experience is good approach to facilitate future business development in China.


1.  金融方向:中国懂金融的人太少,而金融确实国家的命脉。所有资源都打上了金钱的符合,这是看不见硝烟的战场。Finance Engineering是一个方向,这是集合数学,金融和计算机的交叉学科,国内很少看到,国外也不是所有学校都有。这是一个小圈子,但世界永远都是一小部分人统治大部分人。使用数学模型来分析金融市场是必须的,不然怎么指导操作呢?买卖不是拍脑袋的。如果进入这个行业,将来可以尝试拥有自觉的Fund来投资。中国不缺懂数学和编程的学生。

2. 老本行,电信行业:这个门槛太高了,没有大资金的投入,没有技术积累,很难成气候。但可以be open-minded

3. 互联网:其实和电信行业一脉相承,并越来越融合在一起。有新的idea往往就有机会。

4. 区域性机会: 国外,国内不同地区的局部机会。


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