Getting information together

Using Twitter and Blog, i have followed a few venture capitalists and tech-focused blogs recently. Also i start to search the start-up firms in the area that i shall pursue my MBA.

I used google bookmark to store my favorite websites and address and hope to share with all of you. Now in VC, social web and mobile-based services/games are really great hits. There is one VC named Accel Partner that catches great intention these two years.  Famous case about Accel is that it invested in Facebook in 2005 when Facebook only had 2.5 million users. Now the users are 250 million. WOW! And recently Accel is the backed VC for two of biggest acquisitions. Google spent 750 million to acquire Admod and EA acquired playfish for around 500 million. Amazing exist.

Once you start to wear an Entrepreneur hat, you think differently. You start to become more sensitive about opportunities and the talents around you who may become your partners. Embracing entrepreneurship is going to be a rewarding experience. Won’t be regretted.


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  1. Great pics 🙂

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