The era of Mobile Internet

My business plan is about mobile internet, particularly in the stream of apps for smart devices.

Smart devices will be the tool to easy access to customers. Apple has proved to everyone that hands-with devices may have the potential beyond our imagination. Now all IT giants are eager to follow into the smart devices including phone, pad and as well as e-reader. What empower these smart devices are apps.

What’s the challenge behind the app economy? Vision Mobile published the first ever research of mobile developer economics 2010 with great depth analysis.  One point highlighted by me is that the challenge to adapt the apps to different markets.

I can tell very soon there will be one popular app research engine which can smartly identify the app you’re searching for. Also app outsourcing and auto-inventor solution will make the whole apps economics more promising.

The opportunity i’m looking at is the most effective way to localize apps and introduce them to the chinese market.


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