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October 20, 2010

Tal Education Group IPO

Founder of Tal Education Group

As i wrote about in previous post about Chinese tutoring companies IPO in US, Tal education group just announced the price of IPO on the New York stock exchange market. More news on google about Tal education group.

Again it proved that education and training in China have huge market and well regarded by oversea investors.

So the idea of teaching chinese young generation about apps development(coding and design) and entrepreneurship (including marketing, business english) and promote their pursuing a dream they have may not be a bad idea. And above training centre doesn’t exist in China because all training organization try to educate people with skill to work for others. China needs more well-trained entrepreneurs.

October 19, 2010


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Totally 8 chinese private training companies are listed in US stock market. These companies offer different training other than official education to chinese students or professionals. Given the huge chinese market, there is always a niche market for such company to grow.

And how about teach students to develop app on smart devices? Will it be a good niche market?

Check the link for more details.

General information.

A latest training company which will be listed in New York stock exchange.  The founders are all born in 80s.  Come on, MBAs! You work hard to get into school like wharton, Harvard and finally get into wall street and helping these entrepreneurs to achieve their dream. So how about your dream, MBAs?

October 7, 2010



一直关注开复创新工程的进展,关于工场首个公司出炉让我感动非常鼓舞。因为首个公司的CEO,推出Tapas手机操作系统,是华为的前员工张磊。如果他可以,我也可以。华为的经历+MBA的学习和实践+确实可行的商业计划书,一定可以让我获得在开复面前pitch的机会。我相信law of attraction,我一直非常欣赏开复老师,渴望和他认识,如果我在创业的路上坚持,并选择了移动互连网作为我的方向,我就会找到会面的机会。

law of attraction不断被证明,在大学我就一直留意出国学习的机会,最后我获得到韩国交流学习的机会,成为我第一次出国的经历;大一一开始我就计划要保研,结果我做到了;我本科就对华为公司,老板任正非非常感兴趣,读了很多相关的书籍,最终我来到华为,并也见到了任总本人。真的,相信law of attraction,to dream,to imagine and work hard, 真的可以实现。


July 9, 2010

This is it

It was 4th,July, the independent day for America. It was also my birthday. No celebration and No party. It’s only a quiet evening. But magic happened and i received the greatest gift. I don’t know how it come or maybe it was dropped from chimney by Santa Claus on this special day.

So what’s the gift? It isn’t a subject but an idea, which solved my uncertainty and pointed the sound direction for my next 10 or 20 years life. And i know this is it, the right path to follow with my heart, body, mind and soul.

I’ve entrepreneurship in my spirit and I’ve made a few bold decisions which changed my life overall. That’s how i feel, a desire to change and meet the challenges.  From a straight A student with a lot academic potential to a successful sales manager working oversea in telecom field, I made the decision that surprised my peers.

And here comes to another bold decision: to create my own company after my MBA. But is MBA necessary for a person to become an entrepreneur? Yes and No. It all depends on your own plan. In my case, i need to leverage the resource oversea in North America, therefore MBA in particular school is a must for my plan to work.

So what’s my idea or business plan? Well, generally speaking, I’m going to try leverage the resource oversea to enter into Mobile Internet (in particular field) in chinese market. I’m writing my business plan to identify what resource i want, what kind of persons I’m looking for my business partners and what knowledge I need to learn. And it’s getting better and becoming more detailed.

Just keep following me on my blog and you will see more details and resources as I identify for my plan. Then you’ll get a clue.

May 6, 2010

Economic crisis deepen?

Had some chit chat with colleagues during lunch and we had some arguments on the economic crisis. I feel optimistic while the other feel very pessimistic. They argued that in china the real estate and stock market will crash while RMB value will be decreased. The best way for us to do is to keep US dollar. They claimed US will be the ultimate winner in this crisis while Europe and emerging markets will hurt badly. I joked about why not all of us immigrate to US and be part of its free lunch. They answered “why not? if you have the way”.

Is the economic crisis so serious? Greece of course is under big trouble while Europe certainly cann’t get rid of it. Besides, the highest unemployment rate in Spain and Portugal can be the last straw to crash Europe economic. Now the investors are very afraid of Euro and the cash return back to US for US public debt. Will the same happen to China? I’ve lost almost 20% of my investment in stock market and it seems the downturn cann’t be recovered recently. Shall i sell all of my rest to keep the cash for safety? Shall i start to exchange to US dollar now since i’m planning to have my MBA in NA next year. My finacial situtation will be deteriorated seriouly if above happen.

Here is related article to read. I admire the author very much for his accurate analysis(in chinese).

Wen guoqing

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