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October 15, 2010

Got Cambridge MBA Interview Invitation

It is an amazing day and my first MBA application has the interview result. I got the invitation and i will go to the university of Cambridge to attend the campus interview. I’d like to take a close look at the campus and the start-up hubs around the university.

will update the coming Cambridge MBA interview.

October 2, 2010

The application for my first MBA was sent

After a lot of efforts, I sent my first application out to the university of Cambridge. It was on 1st october which is Chinese national holiday. I hope this lucky day will bring me the best wishes.
There are a few schools to go in this month. I need to keep the momentum.

Wish all my friends in china enjoy their one week holiday.

September 28, 2010




再碰上10月份是很多MBA的第一轮申请的deadline,要赶着申请。每个学校的essay都需要相应的做一些调整,in addition 每个学校的on line application都有不少差别,这部分填写不能出差错。


August 16, 2010

next action

Finally consolidated my business plan.  My plan is to target at app development on smartphone. There are three ways to realize it. i. online-platform; ii. co-office environment to incubate small development team; iii. coach for oversea marketing promotion.

i can leverage the resource once i start my MBA to fulfill above plan and hope to meet partners and angel investor.

Now i’m going to head down to learn iphone app development. I haven’t programmed since i graduated from the graduate school. Now in order to know the process of app programming, i need to start again. I find a coach and will pay some consultant fee for his advising and teaching.

The following time of this year will be very busy. Learn to develop iphone app and apply for MBA. I hope to get above done successfully.

July 9, 2010

This is it

It was 4th,July, the independent day for America. It was also my birthday. No celebration and No party. It’s only a quiet evening. But magic happened and i received the greatest gift. I don’t know how it come or maybe it was dropped from chimney by Santa Claus on this special day.

So what’s the gift? It isn’t a subject but an idea, which solved my uncertainty and pointed the sound direction for my next 10 or 20 years life. And i know this is it, the right path to follow with my heart, body, mind and soul.

I’ve entrepreneurship in my spirit and I’ve made a few bold decisions which changed my life overall. That’s how i feel, a desire to change and meet the challenges.  From a straight A student with a lot academic potential to a successful sales manager working oversea in telecom field, I made the decision that surprised my peers.

And here comes to another bold decision: to create my own company after my MBA. But is MBA necessary for a person to become an entrepreneur? Yes and No. It all depends on your own plan. In my case, i need to leverage the resource oversea in North America, therefore MBA in particular school is a must for my plan to work.

So what’s my idea or business plan? Well, generally speaking, I’m going to try leverage the resource oversea to enter into Mobile Internet (in particular field) in chinese market. I’m writing my business plan to identify what resource i want, what kind of persons I’m looking for my business partners and what knowledge I need to learn. And it’s getting better and becoming more detailed.

Just keep following me on my blog and you will see more details and resources as I identify for my plan. Then you’ll get a clue.

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