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May 24, 2010

To be the champion

I gave advice to my friends and tried to encourage them to do better. I quoted in previous post what Mr.Luqi said  “make yourself uncomfortable”. A few days later, I started to realized that I myself is living in my comfort zone and want to take a comfortable MBA and minimize my tuition investment. But actually the most value asset of the whole investment isn’t the tuition but the 2 years time with salary waiving.

Athletes are fighting hard to be the No.1, for the Gold medal and the title of Champion. And the 2nd ranked player or team can’t be recorded in history nor be remembered by people. The same principle applies to MBA. It’s all about the brand name and the network after all and then comes to the skills you attain.

Now it’s time for me to leave my comfort zone and fight hard for the top MBA. It’s time to make a change that will impact my whole life. That change is admission to top MBA and i won’t feel regreted for hardship that i have to endure.

For the next month, I’ll spend almost my spare time on sharpen my toefl exam skills and try to get the score above 110, which is the average toefl score among top 10 MBAs. Therefore I’ll not update my blog so regularly but will inform my progress and my practice of essay writing time to time.

With tremendous efforts and good preparation, I won’t fail myself this time. Now Let me become the Spartan warrior and flight until enemy die.

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