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October 20, 2010

Business Incubator

Wiki has an excellent definition of “business incubator”. Its popularity started around 80s in US and then spread to UK and other Europe countries.

While the st John’s innovation centre is the first such incubator in UK and was set up in 1987. Its foundation is deeply linked to the university of Cambridge.

It’s the case i really want to study. Few such incubator exist in China while few students can receive study of Entrepreneurship.  China doesn’t lack of entrepreneur but the problem is that these risk takers can’t take some lessons before they start their businesses because there are no such courses exist. They learn from their own practice, from their mistakes even from their failure.

Until now I guess only MBA students from a handful famous universities are able to take a few courses mainly from professors or lecturers without actual entrepreneurial experience. And I’m passionate to come up a solution to address this challenges to make entrepreneurial eduction more accessible.  I can’t achieve this without the help from a MBA which strong concentration in Entrepreneurship and platform/network to leverage.

Go ahead and dream big.

October 17, 2010

Copying Y combinator

Tech start-ups and entrepreneurs are blooming across the globe. Check this article.

1. Europe’s tech entrepreneurs blooming by the economist.

2. the model of Y combinator is extremely popular(seed funding + incubator ) and worldwide is coping it. Innovation work by Dr. Lee Kai fu uses the same model.

Check the world wide map of start-up accelerator.

Check the study of Y combinator model.

and yes. I want the same and move the model to china after my MBA.

And how popular is Y combinator? Check this out. CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and CEO of Groupon Andrew Mason had interviews in the Y combinator   startup school.

Entrepreneurs rock!

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