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November 7, 2010

Watch the movie “social network” in Cambridge university

It is very interesting to watch the movie about facebook in the cambridge university. Facebook was funded by Mark Zuckerberg, from Harvard university who is regarded as the 2nd bill gates.
Why it is interesting? First the university of Cambridge and the harvard university are close in the ranking and regarded as the best university in the world. So for me, a MBA applicant from china, felt the world getting small and everything is possible. I didn’t expect I would have done this a week ago and now it is happening. I’m visiting one of the best universities. Second, the university of Cambridge has devoted itself to promote entrepreneurship for 40 years now while not sure about harvard, but which did have bill gates and mark zuckerberg dropped out of the university. It is easy to think that harvard is greater to create entrepreneurs.
I have been here for two days and going to have interview on 8th. I have been talked to a few people on the campus and i believe it’s a great place to learn entrepreneurship and start my own high technology business.
I hope I will do great on my interview and get admission. I do want to come back again.

August 20, 2010

Everyone Needs an App

Everyone is blogging since it’s so easy to create a blog with blogger or wordpress. Now it seems that everyone is trying to having websites of their own. With the help of hosting and self-help drag and drop service, it’s easier than what you can imagine to create a beautiful website without knowing the programming knowledge of HTML and CSS.

And since apps on smart phone become so successful and such trend has moved to the app store.  Why don’t you create an app and access your customer whenever they are with their smart phone? There are a lot of self-help services for making your own app without knowing anything about the programming skills for iphone xcode or android eclipse.

See the following summary about a self-help service for creating your own blog/website and apps for smartdevices.



squarespace, wordpress.


appmobileloader, mobbase, motherapp, mobile roadie, isites, sweb apps

game: gamesalad

July 20, 2010

Getting information together

Using Twitter and Blog, i have followed a few venture capitalists and tech-focused blogs recently. Also i start to search the start-up firms in the area that i shall pursue my MBA.

I used google bookmark to store my favorite websites and address and hope to share with all of you. Now in VC, social web and mobile-based services/games are really great hits. There is one VC named Accel Partner that catches great intention these two years.  Famous case about Accel is that it invested in Facebook in 2005 when Facebook only had 2.5 million users. Now the users are 250 million. WOW! And recently Accel is the backed VC for two of biggest acquisitions. Google spent 750 million to acquire Admod and EA acquired playfish for around 500 million. Amazing exist.

Once you start to wear an Entrepreneur hat, you think differently. You start to become more sensitive about opportunities and the talents around you who may become your partners. Embracing entrepreneurship is going to be a rewarding experience. Won’t be regretted.

May 10, 2010

Telecom trends in next 10 years (2)

Let’s get into the details of one of these four trends—digital home

Iphone has leaded the innovative breakthrough in handset and drive the mobile internet a big step. Everyone to be connected to internet anytime anywhere isn’t just a fairy tale. But what’s next?

It’s digital home. In the last ten years, people are having analog TV to LED TV, a tape recorder to DVD or even hard driver recorder. However telecom hasn’t changed the home scenario very much in term of interaction between different devices.

Imagine this: all the electronic devices (such as TV, set-top box, recorder, PC, media phone) at home can “talk to each other” and be controlled by a core device ”smart kit’. All the devices are connected by wifi and all the contents at different devices can be shared seamless. Just by one flick, the contents you are reading at your phone can synchronized to TV simultaneously. Furthermore, with home Gateway, all your devices at home can access internet through fix or wireless. And vice verse be accessed by the devices outside of home. Basically you can take all your contents at home with you and control most of devises remotely through digital home solution.

So what are the benefits for our life? First, it brings us convenience. Easy sharing contents through wifi free us from copying from one device to another. Easy access allows us to retreat what we want remotely. Second, it provides us fantastic user experience. Almost everything can be done by one flick.

And how about telecom operators? The convenience of accessing the content seamless and without the limitation of time and distance will drive users to consume more bandwidth. While the growth of speed/bandwidth is the growth of the whole telecom industry. So the digital may become an application to sustain and consume the growing speed/bandwidth capacity.

What makes above happen is the key technology name “dlna’. Google it!

May 1, 2010

Start my professional blog

Always cool to start to build my name on the web and give some thoughts on the topics that i’m interested. And now i have it, vcmind, which is about reflections on life and business.

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