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August 20, 2010

Everyone Needs an App

Everyone is blogging since it’s so easy to create a blog with blogger or wordpress. Now it seems that everyone is trying to having websites of their own. With the help of hosting and self-help drag and drop service, it’s easier than what you can imagine to create a beautiful website without knowing the programming knowledge of HTML and CSS.

And since apps on smart phone become so successful and such trend has moved to the app store.  Why don’t you create an app and access your customer whenever they are with their smart phone? There are a lot of self-help services for making your own app without knowing anything about the programming skills for iphone xcode or android eclipse.

See the following summary about a self-help service for creating your own blog/website and apps for smartdevices.



squarespace, wordpress.


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game: gamesalad

August 7, 2010

The era of Mobile Internet

My business plan is about mobile internet, particularly in the stream of apps for smart devices.

Smart devices will be the tool to easy access to customers. Apple has proved to everyone that hands-with devices may have the potential beyond our imagination. Now all IT giants are eager to follow into the smart devices including phone, pad and as well as e-reader. What empower these smart devices are apps.

What’s the challenge behind the app economy? Vision Mobile published the first ever research of mobile developer economics 2010 with great depth analysis.  One point highlighted by me is that the challenge to adapt the apps to different markets.

I can tell very soon there will be one popular app research engine which can smartly identify the app you’re searching for. Also app outsourcing and auto-inventor solution will make the whole apps economics more promising.

The opportunity i’m looking at is the most effective way to localize apps and introduce them to the chinese market.

July 20, 2010

Getting information together

Using Twitter and Blog, i have followed a few venture capitalists and tech-focused blogs recently. Also i start to search the start-up firms in the area that i shall pursue my MBA.

I used google bookmark to store my favorite websites and address and hope to share with all of you. Now in VC, social web and mobile-based services/games are really great hits. There is one VC named Accel Partner that catches great intention these two years.  Famous case about Accel is that it invested in Facebook in 2005 when Facebook only had 2.5 million users. Now the users are 250 million. WOW! And recently Accel is the backed VC for two of biggest acquisitions. Google spent 750 million to acquire Admod and EA acquired playfish for around 500 million. Amazing exist.

Once you start to wear an Entrepreneur hat, you think differently. You start to become more sensitive about opportunities and the talents around you who may become your partners. Embracing entrepreneurship is going to be a rewarding experience. Won’t be regretted.

July 9, 2010

This is it

It was 4th,July, the independent day for America. It was also my birthday. No celebration and No party. It’s only a quiet evening. But magic happened and i received the greatest gift. I don’t know how it come or maybe it was dropped from chimney by Santa Claus on this special day.

So what’s the gift? It isn’t a subject but an idea, which solved my uncertainty and pointed the sound direction for my next 10 or 20 years life. And i know this is it, the right path to follow with my heart, body, mind and soul.

I’ve entrepreneurship in my spirit and I’ve made a few bold decisions which changed my life overall. That’s how i feel, a desire to change and meet the challenges.  From a straight A student with a lot academic potential to a successful sales manager working oversea in telecom field, I made the decision that surprised my peers.

And here comes to another bold decision: to create my own company after my MBA. But is MBA necessary for a person to become an entrepreneur? Yes and No. It all depends on your own plan. In my case, i need to leverage the resource oversea in North America, therefore MBA in particular school is a must for my plan to work.

So what’s my idea or business plan? Well, generally speaking, I’m going to try leverage the resource oversea to enter into Mobile Internet (in particular field) in chinese market. I’m writing my business plan to identify what resource i want, what kind of persons I’m looking for my business partners and what knowledge I need to learn. And it’s getting better and becoming more detailed.

Just keep following me on my blog and you will see more details and resources as I identify for my plan. Then you’ll get a clue.

June 6, 2010

China vs. the U.S.

This is a big topic and also a hottest topic. But I’m not going to discuss it like a politician nor an economist. I’m going to make a miniature comparison in a particular industry, telecom/IT related industry, which is the sector I’m working at and passionate about.

My idea about this topic was initiated with the discussion with my director.  He introduced me an article in internal magazine about working hard and making contributions to company. Then i came up with numerous thoughts and ideas about China vs. US. 

Q1: In china, the society embraces the idea of working hard and contributing to country and society. While in US, as i know and believe, the  society actively support individual success, to realize your own “american dream”.

Q2: However, in contrast to the idea of making contribution to society and others. in China, according to my own experience from primary school to university, I wasn’t taught a lesson or haven’t had a project with others to learn about team work. I was judged by my scores of exams which were always done by myself. Not any work was required cooperation.  To make it worse, as a single child in my family, my whole family treated me so well that i felt myself as a king. I admitted that i had great difficulties to adapt myself to the society/job environment and learn to work with others and to be a good team player.
While in US, according to my preparation of MBA and the application essays, the society emphasizes the importance of being a team player even though in parallel it encourage personal success and realization. 
What a paradox in both of these two countries.

Now Let’s take a look at the result.  A comparison of the NO.1 of Fortune 500 in china in the telecom/IT/Electronic sector and other well-known US high-tech companies.

The NO.1 in china is Huawei Technology. I’m very proud of it, a high-tech company, which developed from a start-up to a giant enterprise with over 95000 employees within 20 years.

Let’s compare its financial record with those of other US high-tech companies (2009)

                            Revenue  (billion)                    Net Profit                         Employees

Huawei                          21.3                                 2.68                                90000

Apple                            42.0                                  8.4                                 34300   

Microsoft                      58.4                                14.5                                 93000

Google                          23.6                                  6.5                                   20000  

Ebay                             8.7                                   2.3                                    15500          

Cisco                            36.1                                 6.1                                     63000       

The difference is efficiency. Why the US peers master the efficiency of making money and profit? Because each of above US companies created their own business model and creat a high barrier for competitors to enter.  Then why always US companies are able to lead the trend and creat innovative business model/product/capital model again and again? That’s the question i want to find out during my future MBA in US.

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