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May 7, 2010

Telecom trends in next 10 years (1)

Let’s start the first series: telecom trends in next 10 years. I’ve worked in this industry for 3 years which doesn’t give enough credit to say i’m a expert. But i did see rapid change in telecom and just want to share my cents. 3 years ago, most of peopel just use phone to make calls and hence voice business can account up to 80% of operators’ revenue; also most of handsets don’t have complex functions and cann’t be treated as smart digital terminals. Now what are the greatest changes? First wireless boardband provides opportunity for anyone to be connected to internet anywhere; Second smart phone (Android, blackberrey and iphone[most exceptional]) give us the best platform and tools to use the wireless boardband. Plus the abundant apps change the whole business model. Why? Apps means services and now along with the margin of equipment decreased dramatically, only services can differatiated youself. And what makes Apps exceptional? Because it stands for one of the trends-Cloud Computing.

Let’s see what professional said about the telecom trends in next 10 years. Who can claim to be professional and trustworthy? I would suggest they are.  Top 5 telecom vendors: Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens, Motorola.  Furthermore top telecom operators should have some words about it as well.  They are Vodafone, China Mobile, NTT Docomo and AT&T.

But let’s start one by one. I’d like to pick the one who i’m most familar with. Here is what Huawei believe.

Beyond 2010: Four Trends that Will Shape the Next Decade of Telecom.
1.Beyond population, the Internet of Things is creating a subscriber base of 50 billion.
2. Beyond voice communications, booming mobile broadband is the next engine of telecom.
3. Beyond bitpipe, cloud computing brings new opportunities driven by a new business model.
4. Beyond telecom, home networks will open new markets to operators because of the disruptive user experience.

See the link for the detail.

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