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November 7, 2010

Watch the movie “social network” in Cambridge university

It is very interesting to watch the movie about facebook in the cambridge university. Facebook was funded by Mark Zuckerberg, from Harvard university who is regarded as the 2nd bill gates.
Why it is interesting? First the university of Cambridge and the harvard university are close in the ranking and regarded as the best university in the world. So for me, a MBA applicant from china, felt the world getting small and everything is possible. I didn’t expect I would have done this a week ago and now it is happening. I’m visiting one of the best universities. Second, the university of Cambridge has devoted itself to promote entrepreneurship for 40 years now while not sure about harvard, but which did have bill gates and mark zuckerberg dropped out of the university. It is easy to think that harvard is greater to create entrepreneurs.
I have been here for two days and going to have interview on 8th. I have been talked to a few people on the campus and i believe it’s a great place to learn entrepreneurship and start my own high technology business.
I hope I will do great on my interview and get admission. I do want to come back again.

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