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November 7, 2010

Watch the movie “social network” in Cambridge university

It is very interesting to watch the movie about facebook in the cambridge university. Facebook was funded by Mark Zuckerberg, from Harvard university who is regarded as the 2nd bill gates.
Why it is interesting? First the university of Cambridge and the harvard university are close in the ranking and regarded as the best university in the world. So for me, a MBA applicant from china, felt the world getting small and everything is possible. I didn’t expect I would have done this a week ago and now it is happening. I’m visiting one of the best universities. Second, the university of Cambridge has devoted itself to promote entrepreneurship for 40 years now while not sure about harvard, but which did have bill gates and mark zuckerberg dropped out of the university. It is easy to think that harvard is greater to create entrepreneurs.
I have been here for two days and going to have interview on 8th. I have been talked to a few people on the campus and i believe it’s a great place to learn entrepreneurship and start my own high technology business.
I hope I will do great on my interview and get admission. I do want to come back again.

October 20, 2010

Tal Education Group IPO

Founder of Tal Education Group

As i wrote about in previous post about Chinese tutoring companies IPO in US, Tal education group just announced the price of IPO on the New York stock exchange market. More news on google about Tal education group.

Again it proved that education and training in China have huge market and well regarded by oversea investors.

So the idea of teaching chinese young generation about apps development(coding and design) and entrepreneurship (including marketing, business english) and promote their pursuing a dream they have may not be a bad idea. And above training centre doesn’t exist in China because all training organization try to educate people with skill to work for others. China needs more well-trained entrepreneurs.

October 20, 2010

Business Incubator

Wiki has an excellent definition of “business incubator”. Its popularity started around 80s in US and then spread to UK and other Europe countries.

While the st John’s innovation centre is the first such incubator in UK and was set up in 1987. Its foundation is deeply linked to the university of Cambridge.

It’s the case i really want to study. Few such incubator exist in China while few students can receive study of Entrepreneurship.  China doesn’t lack of entrepreneur but the problem is that these risk takers can’t take some lessons before they start their businesses because there are no such courses exist. They learn from their own practice, from their mistakes even from their failure.

Until now I guess only MBA students from a handful famous universities are able to take a few courses mainly from professors or lecturers without actual entrepreneurial experience. And I’m passionate to come up a solution to address this challenges to make entrepreneurial eduction more accessible.  I can’t achieve this without the help from a MBA which strong concentration in Entrepreneurship and platform/network to leverage.

Go ahead and dream big.

October 19, 2010


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Totally 8 chinese private training companies are listed in US stock market. These companies offer different training other than official education to chinese students or professionals. Given the huge chinese market, there is always a niche market for such company to grow.

And how about teach students to develop app on smart devices? Will it be a good niche market?

Check the link for more details.

General information.

A latest training company which will be listed in New York stock exchange.  The founders are all born in 80s.  Come on, MBAs! You work hard to get into school like wharton, Harvard and finally get into wall street and helping these entrepreneurs to achieve their dream. So how about your dream, MBAs?

October 18, 2010


真的,现在创业在国外真的火到爆。facebook和twitter引导了social networking,世界现在才真的非常flat。苹果的iphone,ipad,google的android 手机平台引爆了移动互联网的时代。这些trend叠加起来产生了具体的化学反应。而这后面更有风投的推手。特别是这一年,出现了super angle,以seed funding和培育室的方式来建立start-up school,无论在风投风行的美国,还是在欧洲大陆popular的不行了。而国内李开复的innovation works其实就是类似的模式。

自己的idea需要多个individual来合作,这在以前只有internet+email的时代根本不可能,而现在不同了。不但有teleconference,还有很多web-base的collaborative diagram tool以及风行的social networking都让专业人才在家里工作即可实现与远在各地的人员实现合作。

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